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Only a mechanic with the highest level of skill should attempt your auto repair. Baton Rouge residents usually get around by car, and when a vehicular break down occurs, daily living may get a bit more difficult. Getting to work on time, picking children up from school or daycare, buying groceries all rely on the availability of a well functioning vehicle. Not just any auto mechanic should be performing automobile repair on one’s main mode of transportation, but a certified pro with expertise.

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While automobile repair is important, preventative maintenance is equally or more crucial. The old adage about an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure is truer than ever. One of the most important preventative automobile service tasks that needs to be performed is an oil change. Changing the oil in one’s car will extend its problem free life longer than any other service. Motor oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle. It needs to be kept clean and filled to proper capacity. Inattention to this detail can cause an engine to literally stop working. Oil lubricates all working parts in the auto, reducing the wearing away of components by friction. This fluid should be checked regularly and replaced every 3,000 miles or as needed by the particular vehicle.

Another important maintenance routine that a motorist needs to take care of is tire rotation. Ask any mechanic and they will vouch for the value of rotating tires. Two reasons to perform this task are for safety reasons and to extend the lifetime of each tire. Front and back tires wear differently, with the front two tending to wear out first. By changing these four out, the wear will be more evenly balanced. Another way to extend the life of these devices is by keeping the air level filled and making certain that the car is aligned properly. Misalignment can cause uneven wearing down of the rubberized surfaces which means the car will be veering to one side or another. Blow outs are more likely with ill maintained tires, as well.

Other services offered at auto shops and garages include tune ups, replacement of timing belts, air conditioning Freon filling, body work and more. To find a quality automobile service provider, ask friends and family for their word-of-mouth referrals, check internet and phone book listings to align convenient hours and location with your preferences and finally check them out with the Better Business Bureau in order to be certain they have good standing in the community. A Louisiana motorist’s life will run smoother with expert auto repair in Baton Rouge and surrounding communities.

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