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Nothing is more precious than your child, and you can rest assured when you’re at work when you’ve found top notch daycare. Baton Rouge offers a number of options to look into. The nurturing, care and education that children receive in their early years can impact them for their rest of the life. Whether they learn to trust, be compassionate toward others and excel academically may all be determined by the preschool environment where they’ve spent their formative years.

Not all childcare facilities are the same; in fact there is a wide variety of options and quality. Here are some things to look for when selecting a child care center for your offspring:

- Staff qualifications: The teachers and assistants that are employed by the nursery school are what will make or break the experience for your kids. Ask about the training and education of the staff. They should have some college background in early childhood education along with substantial experience. The teachers and aides should be loving and compassionate toward the children and able to plan fun activities. Criminal backgrounds should be checked into through fingerprint clearances in order to make certain that the individuals in the preschool are worthy of working with children.

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- Ratio: The lower the adult to child ratio, the more attention each child will get. Centers must adhere to minimum standards set by the State of Louisiana licensing board, which will vary depending on the age of the children. The younger the kids, the lower the teacher to child ratio.

- Facility: Take a tour of the preschool during their hours of operation and take a good look around. Note cleanliness, safety, and the tone of the environment. Does it feel open and spacious? Is there a feeling of happiness in the air? Would you want to spend multiple hours there each day? Look at it through the eyes of a child and parent.

- Licensed: Daycare centers must be licensed by the State of Louisiana. This ensures that the facility has met the standards for safety in building codes and employee qualifications. It will also mean that the facility will have periodic inspections in order to be certain that quality of care is kept up.

- Services offered: Ask about hours of operations as well as what age groups are served. Some centers will only take preschool aged children ages two to five years old while others will accept infants and elementary students in after school care programs.

- Fees and tuition: Ask about cost for each child and whether it’s payable weekly, monthly, annually or daily. Also inquire about discounts for additional children enrolled from the same family.

There’s nothing more crucial than finding nurturing, high-quality daycare. Baton Rouge, do your homework and select a great place.

View more Daycare Baton Rouge listings here.