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Many people in Louisiana think they keep their teeth clean enough to skip going to the dentist. Baton Rouge residents may even put off going to dentists because they donít consider oral care to be at the top of the list for health care maintenance. This, however, is simply not the case. Dental care, like regular medical care, can keep a person disease free and living a quality life. All of the bodyís components are closely interrelated, sharing a blood supply, an immune system and pathways for infection. By looking into a patientís mouth, dentists can not only see whatís going on with the teeth, gums and mouth, but can also see red flags of illness that may be occurring in other parts of the body. Oral wellness is like a mirror reflecting the well-being of the entire body.

Here are some things to think about:

- Difficulties with alcohol and drug abuse can show itself inside the mouth. Many of these products are destructive to the enamel and can corrode teeth completely away. Some drugs, such as meth, are made from toxic acidic agents. When evidence of extreme corrosion is seen within a personís mouth, the dentist may be able to guide a patient to get help.

- Heart disease, clogged arteries and stroke have been linked to periodontal and gum disease. Research has shown that preventative care reduces a personís issues with these lethal maladies.

- Sexually transmitted diseases, commonly referred to as STDs, often show signs inside a personís mouth before a patient even knows he or sheís been exposed. Sores and lesions may point to STDs which have invaded a personís system.

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- Cancer can occur orally just like in other parts of a personís physique. Evidence of this may show up as lumps that may actually be cancerous tumors. Dental staff is trained to look for suspicious bumps that need to be biopsied.

- Osteoporosis is a malady in which the skeletal system loses bone mass. Jaw bones and teeth are affected causing a sufferer to be more susceptible to bone breakage and cavities. Osteoporosis may show up early in oneís teeth.

- Pregnant women should be aware that periodontal and dental disease can result in premature birth for their babies. An infant born too early may suffer from immature development which can cause her or him problems for life. If a baby is born too prematurely, he or she may not survive.

- Diabetes sufferers have special dental concerns. Diabetics are more apt to develop cavities and tooth decay than non-diabetics.

Are you making regular visits to your dentist? Baton Rouge dentists can literally save a patientís life. Visits to dentists should be made every three months, six months or once a year depending on an individual Louisiananís needs.

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