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Our national unemployment rate has risen but many are still able to find work through employment agencies. Baton Rouge and surrounding Louisiana cities vary, but the national percentage is hovering around ten percent of citizens unable to find jobs.

Job layoffs and companies that have chosen to freeze hiring have affected our friends, family, and neighbors. For many jobless workers, a temp agency, hiring agency or employment agency may hold the key to their money-making future.

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Employment agencies have been helping many of the unemployed find their way happily back into the workforce. If a worker has spent years in one industry, such as a title company, bank, escrow office or retail store, they may have found themselves without experience for other job opportunities. Employment agencies have contact with companies who are still in a growth pattern and are able to hire. An employment agency will know what skills a hiring company is looking for, and help you match your skills with their needs.

A temp agency is another option for the unemployed. Working for a temp agency will allow an unemployed person to try on a short-term job for size, which may lead to a new career. Getting your foot in the door on a temporary basis could could turn into a permanent job.

A hiring agency will take a look at former positions held by these jobless workers and translate their job skills into other possibilities. The good thing about temp agencies for both workers and businesses is that the positions are just that-- temporary. A worker can do just about any type of job for a short time. An employer can try out candidates before making a commitment of hiring them full time. Temporary placement also alleviates fear for the employer since hiring workers temporarily will get the job done but leave them with flexibility in case their money for payroll has to be streamlined.

Unemployed workers can find their way back into the job force via hiring agencies, temp agencies and employment agencies. Baton Rouge hiring agencies can introduce you to your new employer and a permanent job.

View more Employment Agencies Baton Rouge listings here.