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Depending on a homeowner’s needs, there are a variety of ways to manage your storage. Baton Rouge storage facilities are available, whether an individual or family is trying to organize their house, move temporarily or just needs to scale down, storing one’s belongings can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

For organizing a cluttered home:

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- Whether it’s for just one room, the entire house or garage, it’s best to tackle this chore one room at a time.

- Take everything out of the space and place it in a neutral territory such as the back porch or driveway.

- Group all items into categories of “keep,” “donate,” “throw away,” or “garage sale.” When a space becomes cluttered, it’s difficult to see what’s even there. By putting a critical eye to all items, a homeowner can rest assured that every item that makes it back into the room or garage is definitely a “keeper.” The items donated can be written off on income taxes; the ones sold can put cash back into pockets.

- Before hauling the “keepers” back into the cleared space, take a fresh look at the empty room. Clean, repair or paint anything that needs it.

- Now take a good look at the “keeper” pile. What storage containers will make their return more organized? Rubber bins, shelves, and hooks to hang items from will keep the space clutter-free.

If a person is moving temporarily due to a job assignment or is a student going away to college:

- Parents’ or friends’ garages are possible solutions, if there is enough space and the parents or friends are willing. Their attic may work, as well.

- Storage sheds work, too, if they are weather tight and a relative or friend has yard space to keep the container.

- Monthly storage facility units can be rented in a variety of sizes and configurations. Whether a few belongings or an entire household of furniture needs to be stored, monthly rentals can be a solution. Many of these units are climate controlled in order to keep one’s belongings from being damaged due to extreme temperatures.

Trying to scale down:

- Temporary scaling back can be accomplished with storage sheds, rental facilities or utilizing a friend’s or relative’s excess space.

- Permanent paring down is a whole other issue. If you don’t have space now, you probably won’t in the future. Unless it’s something irreplaceable like Grandma’s heirloom dining table that doesn’t fit in to your current apartment, better to sell it or donate.

No need to feel overwhelmed by your stuff; there are solutions for your storage, Baton Rouge.

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