Tree Service Baton Rouge

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A property’s landscape can be protected with high quality tree service. Baton Rouge grass, shrubbery, plants and trees that are incorporated in a property’s landscape design can make a home or office building look rich and well cared for or neglected and unkempt. Trees aren’t cheap and they take time to grow into shady, flourishing maturity. Property owners need to protect their investment with maintenance and feeding of their trees.

Here are services offered by tree service experts:

- Preventative maintenance: Where they’re planted and how they’re tended to will make all the difference in the health and longevity of a weeping willow, cherry, poplar or cypress. Experts, known as arborists, will make certain the location’s amount of sun, water access and surrounding landscape offers optimum growth potential. Fertilizing, branch cutting and pruning will help these beauties thrive.

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- Planting service: Some property owners choose to plant their own rather than rely on trained arborists. While this may save money in the short term, it may cost more in the long run. When knowledgeable experts do the planting, there is usually a guarantee which will allow replacements in case the transplant doesn’t take. If a home owner plants his or her own tree, they’ll have to replace it at their own cost should it die or become diseased.

- Insect control: The humid warmth of Louisiana’s climate is perfect for thriving vegetation as well as an influx of insects. Damage control and eradication of destructive pests by experts will make the difference between losing trees and keeping them alive. Common regional insects include termites, beetles and moths. These parasites may seem tiny but they’re deadly.

- Tree removal: Sometimes it’s necessary to remove a dead or diseased tree from the premises. A tree cutter can handle this with tools such as a chain saw and stump grinder. Stump grinding can reduce the trunk and limbs into manageable size in order to clear away the debris.

- Lightening strikes: Arborists are trained to help homeowners avoid or minimize lightening strike damage potential in these stately giants.

- Insurance: Trees are quite important to property value and costly to replace. Insurance policies realize this and cover them via policies like the valuables that they are.

A property owner can get the help he or she needs with maintenance, planting, insect control, trunk and root removal, stump grinding, or branch cutting, knowledgeable arborists from a tree service. Baton Rouge offers several that can come to the rescue.

View more Tree Service Baton Rouge listings here.